As a result of the recent national tragedy (death of the many Somali youth en route to Europe) Somali Youth Vision, an organization established to facilitate debate and solutions finding to youth problems on a peaceful debates and common understanding of various visions held by the youth, has organized a gathering on (Debate and Solution Finding) in regard to the youth and problems associated with human trafficking.

In attendance were, some key organizations that represent Youth, University Students, Somali National Women Organizations as well as Somali Federal Government officials who were among the panelist.

Debate Panelist;

  • Senior Police Official, Col. Zakiya Hussein
  • Mogadishu’s Kahda District Commissioner, Abdilatiif Hassan Badawi
  • Member of the Federal Parliament, Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir
  • Federal Government Minister for Youth and Sports, Mohamed Abdulahi Hassan Nuh

After the opening remarks, general overview of Somali Youth Vision and the objectives of the event were briefed to the participants. FatumaAbdi Ali, speaking on behalf of Somali Youth Vision, expressed the necessity of debates and discussions in relation to migration and its suicidal nature with the view of discovering means and methods of hindering the menace of youth migration.

First Round of the Debate:

Mogadishu’s Kahda District Commissioner, Abdilatiif Hassan Badawi shared with the participants a study conducted on Somali youth migration for the past four years.

In addition, the commissioner also shared his views that unemployment is not the only reason the Somali youth are migrating citing the country’s mass marine resources, agriculture. Instead he argued that youth are leaving behind such mass resources that, if tapped, can change their lives, families as well as the entire country.


Senior Police Official, Col. Zakiya Hussein has deeply discussed and shared though on the correlation between migration and security in the country.  She made obvious that there is no positive correlation between migration and insecurity because this was the case in the insecurity hike days. But now security has improved and migration is on the rise.

She attributed the current migration menace to the diverted business brokers of the piracy and the militant who are making migration a profitable venture for their own benefits.

In addition, Col. Zakia has expressed in detail the penal code that govern the suicidal individuals while emphasizing that the migrant, the broker and who ever provides support, financial or otherwise, are all criminals publishable by the law. She affirmed this law will deal with the current menace.


Second Round of the Debate:

Federal Government Minister for Youth and Sports, Mohamed Abdulahi Hassan Nuh, on migration reasons said “ previously youth who were socially failed in education or cultural wise used to immigrate, the most worrying aspect of the current migration boom is that the youth migrating are mostly the local university graduates. In my view, he said, it is not about unemployment its lack of outreach on how youth could create economic opportunities because I believe there is not alarming unemployment, but lack of economic opportunities.”

The minister, referring to the FGS plan on youth said “ its important for every youth to come up with innovation and commitment in order to succeed as the government is unable to reach to everyone of us. I am confident that if youth come up with economic inventions and business ideas they will demystify the unemployment issue.

As ministry, we will roll out outreach programs aimed at stopping migration, creating economic opportunities, internal output and national resources promotion.”

Member of the Federal Parliament, Hon. Farah Sheikh Abdulqaadir, has finally reminded the participants on the following points as key reasons for the youth problems.

  • Skewed youth vision has led the youth to make critical decisions that may not necessarily lead to their success.
  • Lack of accountability on the side of the youth, because they don’t take advantage of the available opportunities at their disposal.
  • The government can not provide full impact overnight due to long years of conflict, its hard turn things positively one time.
  • Its important for the youth to maintain forums like this because such debates will provide solutions to most of their problems.

After many questions and answers as well as ideas exchanged between the panelists and the participants, the following key issues arise.

  • Its important to proactively stop such kind of disasters to happen in future.
  • The youth to provide forums for debate so that ideas and views could be exchanged.
  • The Federal Government of Somalia to develop anti migration national policy as soon as possible.
  • The youth to continue with anti-migration outreach.
  • To extend such debate forum to regional administrations.
  • To give incentives to youth business creativity and creative small business competitiveness.
  • Youth to unite from dividing ideologies and galvanization.

SYV appreciates all those young men and women who made the debate to take on, SYV will also organize such debates in the future.