SYV realizes dealing with social determinants not only resolves the challenges facing youth but also improves their living standards. Our Approach towards positively impacting communities, begins with discovering societal problems, we refer to this as the Discovery stage. During this period, we organize discussion events and forums where members of the community pin point problems preventing positive progress.


Once we have targeted a specific problem affecting the larger community, our members and partners come together to share ideas for possible solutions to problems affecting the societies and suggest programmatic needs for youth to appropriate activities that solve these problems.


In light of these needs, we bring together young people with the desire to develop their skills and talents and equip them with the knowledge and capacity needed to first transform their lives and then of their community. It is during this stage where, young volunteers benefit from learning experiences created and developed by SYV and partners.


Throughout a given initiative, SYV tasks specific members in the organisation to find out meaningful indicators of progress amongst our students in order to gauge the effectiveness of our leaning experiences. By analysing the reaction of students to the programs we discover their potential and support the characteristics we have identified in them.


The last step of our approach is to graduate our students into assets by fostering partnerships, exposing them to positive-life experiences and re-engaging willing young people to contribute and volunteer their efforts to serve their communities positively.

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Somali Youth Vision (SYV)  organisation is dedicated to helping the youth of Somalia achieve their full potential. We are committed to sustainable development goals, implementing programs that promote natural resource management, health and education, and economic growth. Their initiatives have been successful in providing access to resources, educational opportunities, and job skills training. SYV’s efforts to provide a better future for Somali youth are making an impact and helping to create a more equitable and sustainable society.
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