About Us

Somali Youth Vision SYV is a youth-led youth network, non-partisan, non-profit, and non-governmental voluntary membership based organization based in Mogadishu with sub offices in Federal Member States under the regulatory laws of Somali government.

It is all about young people networks making changes across Somalia and creating the Somalia they want to live in.

With initiatives, we build our talents and skills in the spirit of filling the gap by promoting peace, addressing youth challenges, democracy, federalism and socio-economic development through capacity building and programs customized for our youth.

These initiatives help Somali Youth meet peers with mutual positive social values, develop high expectations for themselves about their future, and provide them with the knowledge and capacity needed to transform themselves into leaders and agents of change.


Our Programs

Somali Youth Vision
Yagleel capacity

Most of Somali youth are falling in between cracks of skill gaps, a mismatch of their talent vs market demand.

Somali Youth Vision
Durbaanka Nabadda

Durbaanka Dhallinyarada is a Somali youth engagement peace-building initiative.

Somali Youth Vision
Gole Furan

We believe in more engagement between decision-makers & citizens. This is #GoleFuran an openparly for all.


Meet our Dedicated Team

CoFounder & Member
Mohamed Otanga
CoFounder & Member
Mohamed Dhugad
Ahmed Ainab
Mukhtar Mohamed
CoFounder & Member
Fatima Ali
Dr. Shuaib Abdalla
Do Good Deeds

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