About SYV

SYV is a local non-governmental and non-profit youth driven organization and it was founded on the basis that it should be dedicated on various aspects including empowering, advocating, organizing and developing youth towards the Somalia they want to live in.

Our organization gives more focused attention to the Somali youth crises in politics, social, economic and religious through peace atmosphere that starts on the ground by encouraging youth, women groups, religious leaders, traditional leaders, intellectuals and elders to overcome the problems in Somalia at large.


“To empower and inspire Somali youth to create the Somalia they want to live in through inclusive visions set by youth”.


“Setting our visions to achieve a developed, peace and prosperity youth nation”.


SYV’s programs will always be undertaken from youth point of view in creating the Somalia they want to live in, with SYV’s youth initiative programs being given priority since YIM program has been voted to be a fruitful center of brainstorming for youth critical thinking to come up with ideas worth investment, over YAAT and SYG initiatives, such programs are open for all Somali youth regardless of their age, gender, race or tribe through promoting the qualities of good citizen.


“Committed to creating the Somalia we want to live in as citizens of this youth Nation of Somalia”.


Our Core Values are


We are open to all those interested in developing Somali youth regardless of their age, gender,  race or tribe through equal share of youth opportunities as one generation ready to create the Somalia we want to live in. 


If challenges, problems, barriers, difficulties, socio-economic and political crises are inclusive from federal to regional level indiscriminately, then finding solutions have to be 100% inclusive of youth faced by these setbacks, all our programs are inclusive from stakeholders to youth at grass root level.


With tolerance we create the Somalia we want to live in, feel valued and respected, as we give rooms for every Somali youth to share their own ideas, thoughts and dreams as a vision set for the near future and the far from the current Somalia.


Through collaboration we mobilize resources and achieve goals that our partners and stakeholders feel we have in common, a common goal is helps and support Somali youth in creating the Somalia they want to live in


Through truthfulness, trust and honest SYV will always work closely with it’s networks in shaping Somali youth in respect of accountability and fairness in all its programs.


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