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We are excited to extend an exclusive invitation to our Youth Leadership and Peace Education Course, meticulously designed for individuals aged 25-30 who are passionate about making a positive impact in their community. As you consider joining us, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

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Somali Youth Vision
Somali Youth Vision
About Us

Civil Engagement on Reconciliation & federalism in Somalia

Since 2004, Somalia has gone through years of trying to adopt a proper functioning federalism system without having much public consultation to the larger public or giving youth a very narrow window of understanding the concept of federalism, participating, and engaging themselves into it, instead misconception and false believe and propaganda against the system has rained over the ears of youth both in rural and major towns in Somalia.

In an effort to enhance a stronger understanding of Federalism among Somali youth, our organisation with the support of the South west State of Somalia took an initiative to conduct a three-day rigorous training on Reconciliation and Federalism Support for youth.


Our Programs

Somali Youth Vision
Yagleel capacity

Most of Somali youth are falling in between cracks of skill gaps, a mismatch of their talent vs market demand.

Somali Youth Vision
Durbaanka Nabadda

Durbaanka Dhallinyarada is a Somali youth engagement peace-building initiative.

Somali Youth Vision
Gole Furan

We believe in more engagement between decision-makers & citizens. This is #GoleFuran an openparly for all.

ADUUD Challenge

What is ADUUD Challenge ?

ADUUD, in Somali language means STARTUP, Aduud initiative is designed to help Somali youth across the country, not only those from major cities where most of the government and UN fund opportunities are circle around, but also in areas with little or no access to internet, engulfed with joblessness, insecurity and other existent social challenges including right to access health.

It will be the first local FELLOWSHIP program in Somalia where young entrepreneurs are called out to join in a very challenging abut competitive and selective way from all 5 major Federal Member States to enjoy a week long training in Mogadishu before pitching commences.

With youth we DISCOVER, DESIGN and DELIVER for a better sustainable and promising businesses to help find new solutions for our community.

To encourage and solve our societal problems, SOMALI YOUTH VISION and its partners, will reward winners of the pitching competition with ADUUD FUND of $5000.